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Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen

Physical? Chemical? Mineral? Zinc? Broad-Spectrum? What’s the difference? Today there is a myriad of sunscreens on the market. But which one is best for you? And how does it affect your acne? In honor of Skin Cancer Awareness month, we felt the need to inform everyone...

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Acne Treatments

Often people ask why do Certified Acne Specialists do treatments for acne every 14 days. That seems a lot since the estheticians down the street don't do that. Let me explain why Acne Specialists do treatments every 14 days. The estheticians down the street or around...

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Acne Advice

Some of these advice statements are funny. Some are actually dangerous for your skin. Either way, they are all untrue. Take a look. “Try putting toothpaste on it.”  This idea has been around for a long time. The thinking is that it will dry pimples out, but what it...

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Skin Care Product Formulation

One of the biggest challenges when formulating/using skincare is making sure the ingredients you use are actually penetrating through the skin to get to the areas they need to be for max efficacy. This what my products do. I only use products that reach the areas...

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Why Do Skincare Treatments Cost So Much?

Why do skincare treatments cost so much?⁣⁣ There are many items that go into to cost of treatments. Eshticians pay rent, insurance, water, heat/air conditioning. We must purchase professional products ahead of their need, and must pay for those products before they...

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Sunscreen Baby!

Lordy, lordy. People think they don't have to wear sunscreen in the winter. This is just not TRUE! Here in, Colorado, we have over 300 days of sun and in the winter we have snow. This is a double whammy. We get sun from above and the reflection off the snow from...

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Instant Results?

Lordy, it seems everything in our lives is instant, from food to instant messaging. But there are times you need patience. We are an instant gratification society. We like immediacy. But when it comes to skincare, if the effects are instant, they are not lasting....

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B 12 Vitamins and Acne

It has been known for a long time that the B Vitamins aggravate acne eruptions. Until recently the understanding of why this occurs has eluded many. Recent research, however, has revealed that the acne bacteria, Vitamin B12, and skin microbiome have an intertwined...

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Layers Of The Skin

PH is so important in treating the skin. The products I use in my clinic are properly balanced to work effectively on the skin. Over the counter products, even the most expensive ones, are not. Many of my new clients are using products so strong, they are stripping...

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