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Hormones Influence Acne

Hormones Influence Acne. The two main hormones when it comes to acne – androgens and insulin. Just how do androgen hormones influence acne?  The acne-prone do not generally have higher levels of androgens in their bodies (with the exception of women with PCOS –...

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Inflamed Acne

The good news about inflamed acne, it can clear faster than non-inflamed. It is closer to the surface and product can reach it faster. This is a classic example of inflamed acne. I showed the other day what non-inflamed acne looks like so I wanted to show the...

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  After my own Acne cleared, I developed Rosacea. ( I really stood in the wrong line for skin) Many times people confuse it with acne because you can have pimples as well. Usually, your skin is very sensitive and flushes easily with extreme cold or heat. When I...

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Drink Water

Water plays a vital role in digestion, blood circulation, absorption of nutrients and the elimination of toxins. It's important in the function of every organ in your body, including the skin. Just like all other organs, the skin is made up of cells that require water...

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Is My Acne Protocol Working?

Acne Treatment Denver CO We are an instant gratification society. We like immediacy. But when it comes to skin care, if the effects are instant, they are not lasting. Things that change the underlying skin condition and really transform—peeling out impactions,...

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When Do I throw Out Skin Care Products?

Boy. We are all guilty of this one. Girls love our skin care. All the samples we receive with a purchase and all the impulse buys we make from magazine ads and they end up just sitting there, not used. Open your drawers and cabinet and place all these products out on...

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Do I Treat Ethnic Skin?

  I have actually had calls from people who ask me if I work on clients who have darker skin tones. I was floored by that question the first time it was asked. I lived almost all my life in Virginia where there were 60% black skinned people. I treated them as...

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Acne Mechanica. What is That?

The term acne mechanica designates local exacerbations due to pressure, friction, rubbing, squeezing, or stretching. Examples are given of various physical traumata that provoke lesions in acne patients. The precipitating causes of stress are diverse, they include...

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IUDs and Acne

I get asked all the time by clients if IUD's are ok when they suffer Acne. Sadly, they are not safe if you suffer from Acne. When it comes to Birth Control & Acne there are many options. IUD's should be avoided including the Copper IUD. Even though its...

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