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B 12 Vitamins and Acne

It has been known for a long time that the B Vitamins aggravate acne eruptions. Until recently the understanding of why this occurs has eluded many. Recent research, however, has revealed that the acne bacteria, Vitamin B12, and skin microbiome have an intertwined...

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Layers Of The Skin

PH is so important in treating the skin. The products I use in my clinic are properly balanced to work effectively on the skin. Over the counter products, even the most expensive ones, are not. Many of my new clients are using products so strong, they are stripping...

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Perioral Dermatitis

Perioral Dermatitis is a rash that usually forms around the mouth. People of all color can get this condition. this rash is most common in young and middle-aged women. Children and adolescents can also have it as well as some men. Some people think it is acne but this...

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Why Take Zinc For Acne or Rosacea

This article was written by two amazing estheticians. I take zinc monomethionine for my ocular rosacea. I have done everything the doctors told me to do. Took all their meds. And it wasn't until I started taking this form of zinc, did I see an amazing improvement in...

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All Skin Care Is Not Equal

Choose Your Skin Care Products Carefully All skin care products do the same thing, right? You can pick any one off the shelves and get the same results when you apply them right? Actually, no, this isn't the case. Some skin care products are of high quality and live...

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Natural and Organic Skin Products

I have some clients who come in for help with their skin and want "natural" or "organic" products Sorry to say but those two words are marketing tools for people who are just selling things they think the public want. But, Natural and Organic will not be the best...

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Hormones Influence Acne

Hormones Influence Acne. The two main hormones when it comes to acne – androgens and insulin. Just how do androgen hormones influence acne?  The acne-prone do not generally have higher levels of androgens in their bodies (with the exception of women with PCOS –...

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Inflamed Acne

The good news about inflamed acne, it can clear faster than non-inflamed. It is closer to the surface and product can reach it faster. This is a classic example of inflamed acne. I showed the other day what non-inflamed acne looks like so I wanted to show the...

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  After my own Acne cleared, I developed Rosacea. ( I really stood in the wrong line for skin) Many times people confuse it with acne because you can have pimples as well. Usually, your skin is very sensitive and flushes easily with extreme cold or heat. When I...

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