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IUDs and Acne

I get asked all the time by clients if IUD's are ok when they suffer Acne. Sadly, they are not safe if you suffer from Acne. When it comes to Birth Control & Acne there are many options. IUD's should be avoided including the Copper IUD. Even though its "non-hormonal"...

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Choose Your Skincare Carefully

Choose Your Skin Care Products Carefully All skin care products do the same thing, right? You can pick anyone off the shelves and get the same results when you apply them right? Actually, no, this isn't the case. Some skin care products are of high quality and live up...

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Different Types of Acne

As an Acne Specialist, and I identify and treat three forms of Acne: Inflamed, Non-inflamed and Combination. Let me explain the differences. Inflamed This Acne is actually the easiest to treat. The pimples are close to the surface and respond to proper treatment...

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Blackheads. Do you have them? A lot of people do have them. Some people have more than other people. Blackheads are a form of non-inflamed acne. So what are they and why oh why are they there? Blackheads are NOT DIRT ON THE SKIN. Scrubbing them away with harsh, grainy...

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Wash Your Face

I don't care how tired you are, please wash your face at night! Don't wait until it is late. If you come home late, wash your face BEFORE you even sit down. So what happens when you don't wash your face? Read on. The range of reactions varied widely from swelling...

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Boy, this is one of the most impossible skin problems to treat. This heavy wrinkling of the facial skin is caused by the drastic lose collagen. The reduction of collagen can start at the age of 20. That is depressing! By the age of 40, 20% of the skin density is...

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Hidden Soy In Foods

If you break out around the mouth and along your jawline, tofu and other soy foods could be to blame. And it's all about the natural plant estrogens found in soybeans. Phytoestrogens mimic natural estrogen levels, and that throws off our hormones. Soy derivatives show...

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Sweat Can Aggravate Acne

Most physical activity will cause sweating.  Although sweating doesn’t cause acne it can definitely accelerate the growth of more bacteria and pimples if not handled correctly.  Here are five tips we suggest you follow to help keep breakouts in check: 1....

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