General Scar Treatment

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General scars like surgical scars, scars from accidents and stretch marks can be treated with micro needling or collagen induction. By numbing the skin for 25 minutes before the treatment, these micro-needles break up scar tissue and release the skin from pulling into a scar. There is no pain and very little downtime. Promise! Multiple treatments are necessary but the success rate can be high. By using a micro-needling device ( not the rollers from Amazon) that can go deep enough into the skin to break up scar tissue and stimulate collagen, you can improve scars that are bothering you. Scars should be healed before treating. Keloid scars cannot be treated with micro needling. A consultation and appropriate home care are required.

I have suffered acne since my early twenties. After Robyn helped clear my acne, I was left with acne scars that reminded me daily that I once had pimples. I have had 5 micro needling treatments with Robyn and I simply can’t believe how great my skin looks now. I am simply amazed.

– Annie N.


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Verified Reviews

"My son struggled with severe acne. NOTHING worked. We took him to see Robyn and she cleared him up in a couple of months. We are so fortunate to have found her. She knows her stuff. Results are amazing!" ~ Evelyn

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