Facial Acne

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Acne can be on almost any part of the body where you have a lot of oil glands. I see most Acne on the face, back or chest. All of these areas need to be treated differently.

Facial Acne is usually the most concerning because it can be seen most of the time. Depending on whether it is inflamed acne (red inflamed pustules) or non-inflamed acne (blackheads and closed comodomes) or the combination of both, will determined how the face will be treated. Also, the condition of the skin when you come in and sensitivities will be considered. If you face is very sensitive, treatment will be timed as your skin adjusts. If you have no sensitivities and your skin is very oily, we can usually be a little more aggressive. Either way, you will get clear skin. Results may vary.

Facial Acne

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This program is great! Keep up with her simple instructions and your skin will look and feel much better.

– Keenan A, 8/22/15


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"My son struggled with severe acne. NOTHING worked. We took him to see Robyn and she cleared him up in a couple of months. We are so fortunate to have found her. She knows her stuff. Results are amazing!" ~ Evelyn

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