Acne Program

No matter what people say acne CAN NOT BE CURED! If someone says that to you, run, don’t walk away. Acne can, however, be CLEARED. You do not need to take antibiotics ( acne is not caused by bacteria) nor do you need to take dangerous magic pills. You can clear your skin with a safe and more natural approach. How do you do that?

  • Learn what causes acne
  • Have your acne evaluated; not all skin/acne is alike
  • Have your skin professionally treated by an Acne Specialist
  • Have a home care protocol established to treat your skin daily
  • Use professionally formulated products that are designed to clear all forms of acne
  • Stop using over the counter products because they are cheaper and then just end up in the trash can because they do not work
  • Follow an Acne Safe diet
  • Receive coaching every step of the way so your skin never adjusts to the same old same old months after month
  • Use Acne safe products with NO PORE CLOGGING INGREDIENTS
  • Receive the time and experience you need from an Acne Specialist who had Acne herself for 20 years
  • Results may vary and depend on adherence to the whole program. Your skin is worth this time and effort.

Acne Scar Treatments  

First of all, the red marks left on your skin after a pimple is gone, are not scars. They are post inflammatory inflammation. They will fade with time. The internet calls them scars but they are not scars! Stop believing everything you read on the internet. They are trying to scare you. LED light therapy, FDA approved ( not the one you buy off of E-Bay or Amazon) and my specially formulated serum will help speed up their removal.

Real acne scars are indentations in the skin and they can be improved with the best micro-needling roller. I offer the service too. Your acne must be under control first. Then we can work to improve the scars left. There is very little downtime or pain with service and you return to work and wear makeup the very next day. Depending on your age and the depth of the scars will determine how many treatments you will need.

Under my program, your skin will be evaluated, treated and home care will be assigned. You will be asked not to use anything on your skin but the home care given to you. Appointments will be booked every other week so I can see how your skin is progressing and adjust your home care.

An Acne Consultation is required before you enter the program. The cost of your home care products is not included in the consultation cost.

Book an acne consultation to see if you are a candidate for the amazing service.  I can’t wait to help you.


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Verified Reviews

"My son struggled with severe acne. NOTHING worked. We took him to see Robyn and she cleared him up in a couple of months. We are so fortunate to have found her. She knows her stuff. Results are amazing!" ~ Evelyn

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