Acne Scar Treatment

Acne scars

Acne scars are actually scars that leave an indentation on the skin. They usually come about when someone tries to pop a pimple and end up bruising the skin and making the pimple worse. The cell wall under the skin ruptures and creates a scar. A pimple gets even more infected and swollen and creates a scar that will not ever go away. So, please stop picking those pimples! Stop right now! No one needs scarring forever, to remind them they once had acne.

If you already have acne scars, let me help you get rid of them. If your acne is now under control and you are no longer breaking out, micro-needling is the answer. This procedure actually breaks up the scar tissue around the scar and the skin gradually smooths out. Over several treatments, the scar tissue begins to relax and the skin smooths.

The micro-needling treatment stimulates collagen ( the building blocks of the skin) and the skin heals. There is very little downtime. The day of the procedure, your skin looks sunburned. The next day the skin might be pink but growth factors, acne fighting makeup, and sunscreen can be used. No one will ever know you had the needling done.


Using hand rollers you buy from Amazon is not effective. You need a certain depth and consistent treatment across the skin to treat acne scarring. Rollers will not do the job. Please don’t try to save money doing this yourself. Infection and more inflammation could be the side effects. Some homemade skin care products are also a hit or miss, so make sure to discuss with a professional.

Micro-needling will take several treatments. Usually, 4-6 procedures, spaced  6 weeks apart to achieve the reduction in scars you want.


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