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If you blush easily, you could be in the first stages of Rosacea!

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It is not acne but a chronic, inflammatory skin disorder causing intermittent flare-ups of redness on the nose and red cheeks.

Broken capillaries and pimples, resembling acne, often accompany it. Treatment for Rosacea will not work if dealt with like acne. Acne is caused by retention of skin cells inside a pore. Acne Rosacea cause is still argued. Research shows many factors are involved, such as genetic predispositions, heredity, especially people of European/Celtic decent, Helicobacter pylori infections, mites, vitamin deficiencies and stress-related causes.

If you blush easily, you could be in the first stages of Rosacea!  If your redness is complicated by:

  • Cold weather
  • Spicy Food
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Tomatoes
  • Pineapple
  • Medications like steroids

You need to see a dermatologist to see if you have Rosacea. A licensed professional can chart a course for safe, effective Rosacea treatment. Results may vary.

Treatment of Rosacea

At the moment there is no cure for Acne Rosacea. However, the skin can be greatly improved with proper home care. Doctors will give you antibiotics but seldom understand your skin needs home care too. It is imperative that control is taken to avoid further deterioration of the skin.

Acne Rosacea demands skin care. Proper skin treatment and care will improve the skin and how it looks and feels. After years of going from one doctor to another, and trying their Rosacea treatments, I was finally was able to get my own Rosacea under control using my own home care regimen and products. I even forget I have it! No redness or breakouts unless I run out of product (or get into spicy foods).  LOL

I have had my own Acne Rosacea under control for years. With my guidance, I can help control yours also.

– Robyn Prazmark, Owner

There are laser treatments for the small spider veins and the flushing that develops. Using prescription therapies can help but long-term use can have other complications! Since the skin is very sensitive, using gentle cleansers and products with green tea, licorice, chamomile, French rose and allantoin can help address the redness, red cheeks, and inflammatory problems. Makeup, preferably mineral, should be non-comedogenic. A lot of over the counter products say Noncomedogenic but are not. Learn to read labels looking for things that really can cause skin issues. Sunscreen with at least a SPF 30 is critical. Results may vary.

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