Don’t you want a consultation? Do don’t want to know what the real cause of acne is? Don’t you know what kind of acne you have?  Don’t you want to know how we can clear your skin? Don’t you want to know what aggravators to remove from your diet and lifestyle? Don’t you want to know why we do what we do to clear your acne? Yes. I charge for all this information. You are paying for my education, training, and experience. I include your first treatment with the cost of the consult ( an $85 value). Consultations are the first step in getting the clear skin you want.

I require an Acne Consultation. I firmly believe that being educated about what acne is and how we can clear it will ensure that you clear your skin. Otherwise, you will just be sold product and a treatment every now and then, and clearing will not happen. I do not just sell products. You have done that before and you still have acne. Stop that and get real help.

Do you have what it takes to get your skin acne free? Do you have patience? Are you persistent? Can you be 100% compliant? Acne is a marathon, not a sprint! And, sorry to say…there is no cure for your acne. But there is CLEAR.

  • Persistence because there is NO QUICK answer here. One pimple takes 3 months to form. What you see on your face today formed 90 days ago.
  • Patience is so important. If one pimple takes 90 days and you want clear overnight? That is NOT going to happen. By following this program, you can expect to be clear in 90 days most of the time.
  • Compliance because your skin is so smart, if you don’t use your home care daily as your individual program requires, your skin will start clumping right away and then you have MORE pimples to clear. One night or one morning is enough time for your skin to make more pimples. Results may vary.

What is this program?

  1. Acne consultation is required so you will have a better understanding of what acne is and how you can clear it.
  2. Home care is essential. As a Certified Acne Specialist, I give you very specialized home care, all that you need to get clear and required you do not play around with other products until you are clear. I even offer acne safe makeup.
  3. Diet restrictions can help stop aggravating your skin. When you make a concerted effort to not eat certain foods, your skin will clear faster.
  4. Office visits every two weeks help you in so many ways. Your skin adjusts to your home care about every two weeks so evaluating your skin that often helps you clear faster. If I can’t see your skin, I can’t adjust home care as your skin adjusts. Oil and skin plugs form under the skin about every two weeks. You want those plugs GONE. My professional “mini” peels do just that. If you want to clear faster, these treatments for acne are the answer.

Who will not clear with this program?

  1. You think acne can be cleared overnight. One pimple takes 30 days to form. It takes 3-6 months to clear your acne.
  2. You think you can clear your own skin without professional guidance and monitoring. without individual home care, without special professional grade products ( without pore cloggers) and without frequent monitoring of the skin.
  3. You have no patience for sticking with one program long enough to get results. Product junkies, in other words.
  4. You only want “do it yourself” homecare or “natural” or “organic” skincare products. You believe everything you read on the internet, no matter who wrote it.
  5. Your acne is very mild. I specialize in moderate to severe acne.
  6. You can not tolerate mild dryness during to treatment process.
  7. You are not willing to have breakouts during the process of clearing.
  8. You just want to buy products and that is it. This is what you do with over the counter products, not mine.
  9. Can not find the time for 30-45 minutes treatments every 14 days so the skin will not adjust to the products.
  10. You are determined to use your favorite makeup because you love it but it happens to be filled with pore cloggers.

If any of these things apply to you, then this program is not for you. My highest concern is clearing your skin. I know what works and what doesn’t work. If you can follow this program, you will clear your acne.

Are you patient, persistent and compliant? Then your skin will clear in a few months and we can keep it clear. Stop wasting time, money and your skin.

Have an Acne Consultation today.  Results may vary but your skin depends on your patience and persistence. I can’t tell you will be easy but it will be worth it.

Acne Consultation

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