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Acne skin care treatments and clearing your skin is possible with the right home and clinical acne skin care. You may have tried many over-the-counter products and antibiotics, but without a trained acne specialist, clearing your skin is next to impossible. A trained acne specialist has many hours of training and experience in just acne. ” I have many years of experience clearing Acne. This is not just chemical peels or laser treatments. This is a system of home care, office visits, diet and simple supplements that can clear your skin. Using a holistic approach is so much better than harsh chemicals and dangerous drugs.”

Before you can clear your skin you should understand the cause of acne. Acne is usually an inherited condition where your skin cells shed inside the pore 5 times faster than normal skin cells. This condition is called retention hyperkeratosis or acne. The skin pore cannot possibly keep up with this extreme shedding. These dead skin cells clump inside the pore, and with the oil from the skin, becomes the perfect breeding ground for bacteria (P.acnes) to grow and form a pimple. Therefore, acne is not caused by bacteria but the retention of dead skin cells inside the pore. This cause of acne is very important to remember as you are going through your acne skin care treatment.

Treating acne with antibiotics and /or just retinol won’t work. Treating acne with acne kits from department stores won’t work either. There is no one size fits all acne program that works because the skin will adjust what you are doing and work around this one size fits all system and just keep on creating pimples. Your results may vary. All results take time and depend on adherence to the whole program. Isn’t your skin worth the time and effort?

How to get Clear Skin


This has been the most amazing experience! I have struggled with adult acne and my skin has never cleared up with other products, I’ve tried everything. I was willing to follow Robyn’s instructions and it paid off. She truly cares about acne and is very knowledgeable. She is the acne expert with all the answers. I have also tried her foundation (make-up) and it works and feels great with her other products!

– Celina C, 8/26/15

Have you struggled with acne and wondered how to get clear skin? Each kind of acne has to be treated differently. Inflamed and non-inflamed acne can even exist together and that too must be treated differently.

Without a skilled, experienced and trained acne specialist you will not be able to effectively navigate your acne skin care treatment. Treatment plans must first determine your acne type and skin sensitivities. With this in mind, you are placed on an at-home acne skin care regimen, which must be changed often. This change is necessary because the skin adjusts to what you are doing and will create a way to work around your attempts. The in-office acne skin care treatments will help push your skin to heal successfully and your progress can be closely monitored. At these frequent appointments, home care will be adjusted to keep pushing the skin to clear. Many times extractions are part of the clinical treatments.

Dermatologists only treat bacteria with long courses of antibiotics and/or retinol. How long are you willing to take antibiotics to clear Acne when it is not caused by bacteria? Over-the-counter products seldom have anything in them but a little salicylic, and neither of these are going to work because they don’t stop the buildup of dead skin inside the pore. And, when your skin begins to understand what you are doing, there is nothing you can change about these over the counter product programs.

Acne Care

Correct home care and office visits every two weeks prevents retention hyperkeratosis and then exfoliates the skin without causing skin sensitivities. All of this home care must be guided and adjusted by an acne specialist. Your acne care must be monitored frequently within office visits and home care customized as your skin begins to change in the process of clearing.

After getting your skin to STOP breaking out, the redness ( this is not scarring) left behind from old pimples, is just as bad as the pimples themselves. This too can be treated but this will take time. FDA approval LED light therapy will speed up this healing.

Getting the right guidance from an acne specialist and the right products will make it possible to clear your skin of Acne. Three simple steps are critical in your Acne Care Treatment:
1) Seeing your acne specialist regularly so your home care can be adjusted and professional treatments administered. Clearing your skin happens much faster when you have professional treatments. Why prolong clearing your skin when you can clear faster?
2) Following your home care religiously, without exception. That means 5 minutes in the morning and night, no matter what.
Follow the diet. This usually is the hardest part but very important to clear your skin.

Your skin can be clear in a few months if you follow these steps. Results may vary but so worth the effort.

Cost! Everyone wants to know.

1) Acne consult: $85.00 This is 1.5 hours of education where you will learn what acne is and how you can get clear skin. Your first treatment and a home package of information are yours when you enter the Acne Boot Camp.

2) Home care: this starts at  $160.00. This will depend on the kind of acne you have. If you choose to add in makeup and 2 supplements, the price will be more. Most of these products will last for months.

3) Office visits: to help me to see how your skin is improving with the home care and push your skin to really those pimples. While you are clearing, professional “mini” peels cost $85 every 2 weeks. Once your skin is clear, office visits become less often as you enter maintenance program.

With all this, you get my full undivided attention to your progress. I coach you through your concerns and make adjustments to your care if problems occur. or as your skin adjusts (every 14 days) to your current products. Not pushing the skin with these professional treatments delay clearing your skin. We even have amazing acne treatments for sensitive skin.

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"My son struggled with severe acne. NOTHING worked. We took him to see Robyn and she cleared him up in a couple of months. We are so fortunate to have found her. She knows her stuff. Results are amazing!" ~ Evelyn

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