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About Skin Care by Robyn, Certified Acne Specialist

Robyn specializes in Acne Skin Care Treatment that is holistic in approach. No harsh chemicals or drugs are ever used to clear acne. Acne is all she does! Robyn has the training, education, and experience like no one else in the Denver area.

Why are you going to other people who do other things like eyelashes, waxing and “foo foo” facials? Go to someone who specializes in Acne and get the care you need. She uses a more holistic approach. No dangerous drugs and harsh chemicals are used. Robyn specializes in moderate to severe acne, whether it is inflamed (angry, red raised pus-filled pimples) or noninflamed (blackheads, closed pore pimples like sandpaper under the skin).

As a medical esthetician, she has studied under two of America leading acne specialists, Dr. Fulton and became a Certified Acne Specialist through Face Reality. With this expert help and training, she can clear 95% of acne patients in about 3-4 months. Learn more about her Acne Treatments. Results may vary.

If you wish to talk to Robyn Prazmark, LE about your acne call 303.710.7832.

Acne consultations are 1.5 hours. Home care is not included. That cost starts at $175.00 + depending on your acne. Most of this home care will last 3-4 months. If you do not come to this appointment without canceling 48 hours ahead, you will be charged 100% of the consultation price. You may book an Acne consultation through the Book Now button on this page.

Prazmark follows Dr. Fulton’s teachings and Face Realities mantra: Determination, Dedication, and Patience. If you follow her advice, Acne clients can expect a 95% clear rate in as little as 3 months without the use of prescription drugs.

The treatment program utilized by the Skin Care by Robyn Acne Clinic is an in-depth, educational topical and holistic approach to treating Acne. Clients are extensively educated and coached about what Acne really is, things that can trigger it and how the correct products, used in the correct manner, will clear Acne. This protocol for Acne is not a one size fits all program. Her program is not just buying products and going on your way. Those programs are “all over the counter” from drug stores, department stores or some “magic pill” you take for months. Her treatments are very different.

Please remember that there is NO CURE for Acne. It can, however, be controlled and your skin can clear. Book an Acne Consultation through the BookNow button on this page. Results may vary.

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Verified Reviews

"My son struggled with severe acne. NOTHING worked. We took him to see Robyn and she cleared him up in a couple of months. We are so fortunate to have found her. She knows her stuff. Results are amazing!" ~ Evelyn

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If you Need Help with Acne Treatments,
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