Zinc SupplementAs a Certified Acne Specialist who practices holistically to treat acne, I am always looking for safe ways to reduce the inflammation associated with acne. Inflammation is part of the skin pathology with acne and if we reduce it, acne will have a better chance to clear. I encourage all my acne and rosacea clients to take a safe supplement OPTI zinc with methionine sulfate complex. All zinc is not created equal. This formula is the one I encourage clients to use daily. I actually take it for my own rosacea and it has helped my skin. Why take zinc? Here is the answer.

Zinc blocks excess androgens, it is also anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and reduces the production of keratin (a cause of blocked pores). Zinc is essential for the healthy functioning of the brain, especially the part that controls our adrenal response. When we’re running low in natural reserves of cortisol our body steals our progesterone to replace it. When we are low in progesterone it also shows up in heavy, irregular periods, crazy PMS, and hormonal acne. Zinc is not stored in the body so it needs to be eaten or supplemented regularly.

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