The Acne Diet is sometimes hard for people to follow since a lot of their snacking habits with iodide salts and soy can mess with your skin. Also, many people will snack on cheese and dairy is a big no-no. So I always try to give clients acne-safe snacks that are quick and safe. This where nuts come in. Any nut is safe except peanuts, peanut oil, or peanuts in candy or peanut butter, Peanuts naturally have androgens which is the hormone that also messes with your acne.

Nuts and seeds are often lacking from a typical Western diet, yet these nutrition powerhouses are just about as easy as you can possibly get for a speedy snack. Now a new study, published in Nutrition Research has found that almonds, in particular, are the nuts you should be reaching for if you want to really boost your health.

These results indicated the stimulation effects of almond skin and almond intake were typical prebiotic effects. Any food or ingredients that reach the colon without being digested are prebiotic candidates. Almond skins contain approximately 50% dietary fiber and almonds contain about 12% dietary fiber. Dietary fiber is resistant to digestive enzymes and passes undigested to the large intestine where it interacts with the intestinal mucosa and microbiota to enhance gut health.

Eat almonds raw as an easy snack, ground in homemade granola bars or as butter on wholegrain crackers. A nutritious addition to any diet.

I love treating Acne holistically. No drugs, no harsh treatments and you can be clear in 90 days when you follow your individual protocol.

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