Effective Acne Treating Ingredients and Their Main Functions

I have listed just some of the most used ingredients that are often used in-home care to help treat Acne. Some of these ingredients are effective on different kinds of acne: inflamed, noninflamed and combination acne. The trick for the public is knowing what kind of acne you have, which ingredients will help that kind of acne and which ones to stop using. Many over the counter products that have these ingredients in them also have pore-clogging ingredients, are not PH balanced which can cause other problems with the skin. Even products given to you by a doctor are not properly formulated. That why I am a Certified Acne Specialist. I have studied acne in-depth and know which ingredients will help, which ingredients can be used together to help, how often can they be used, and since the skin adjusts to their use, when to change things up. Doctors really do best with skin diseases. Acne is not a disease. Acne is a skin condition and using pills will not clear your skin. If what doctors give you cleared your acne, I would not have a business. Think about it.

Mandelic Acid: Anti-fungal, Antibacterial & Brightening

Salicylic Acid: Oil Soluble, Anti-inflammitory and Antibacterial

Lactic Acid: Brightening, Smoothing, Enhances Hydration

Glycolic Acid: Fast Acting, Resurfacing

Azaleic Acid: Beneficial for Rosacea, Anti-fungal, Brightening

Vitamin A: Keeps pores clear long term and builds collagen

Benzoyl Peroxide: Ant-inflammitory and oxygenating, assists in killing anaerobic bacteria.

Sulfur: Anti-inflammatory and Kerotolytic

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