What Treatments Help Clear Up Acne?

Knowing that over-proliferation of keratin within the pore is a characteristic of acne tells us that professional exfoliating treatments are necessary, but we must do so with caution as acne can also be inflammatory. A slow approach to peeling the skin or even performing a gentle enzyme is a great way to treat an acne client. Regular extractions are also necessary since the micro comedones in the skin can be present well before they manifest into an acne lesion. Being ahead of the problem is the idea here! Additional modalities such as LED Light Therapy is also effective since it is able to calm down inflammation, stimulate cellular ATP and assist in wound healing.

Acne can seem like an overwhelming subject but once you begin focusing on this specialty, you will learn how rewarding it is to help someone regain their self-confidence. I know first hand how it feels to want to help others and clear your own skin so badly. I had Acne for 22 years. That is why I became a Certified Acne Specialist using the holistic approach for clearing acne.

Booking an Acne consultation is the first step in understanding your acne and how you can clear your skin. Use the red BookNow button on the page and start today.

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