Why Treat Acne At Home?



Home care is an important part of acne treatment and can be a confusing subject as there are many misleading marketing terms printed on skincare products and makeup. I have seen many products touting that they are “non-comedogenic” or “non-pore clogging” with pore-clogging ingredients in the deck. Remember that these are marketing terms and are not regulated by any organization to hold them accountable for their claims. Studying ingredients and researching the comedogenicity scale is essential to know what is safe for use on an acne-prone skin. Don’t forget to check your hair care and makeup products too! This can seem overwhelming at first, but once you start investigating, you’ll become more fluent and hopefully excited to dig in.

Using the appropriate acne products is also important. Not all acne conditions and skin types are the same, and not every client’s regimen will look the same either. When starting a client on a new actives such as an Alpha Hydroxy Acid or Benzoyl Peroxide product, it is important to do a sensitivity test. Because many acne sufferers have tried products and given up when they only saw irritation and no results, it is important to take a progressive approach when beginning active acne products.

You may choose to slowly progress from using a product once a day, every other day, to every day twice a day depending on the client’s tolerance. Creating a timed schedule for the first couple of weeks is also an option. For example, you could begin using a BPO for timed increments and wash it off after the specified time has completed. Each day, you could increase the amount of time the product is left on to slowly acclimate the skin to the potentially irritating side effects that sometimes occur.

An Acne Consultation is important to learn how and why you can clear your acne. Book an Acne Consultation from the BookNow button on the page. I can help.

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