Acne has a hormonal aspect since the sebaceous activity of the pore is governed by hormones, and bacteria proliferate in a sebum rich and oxygen-deficient environment of the microcomedone.

Although Androgens are widely known as a group of male hormones, they are present in all sexes. Testosterone is the Androgen hormone that is converted into Dihydrotestosterone by the enzyme 5 alpha reductase and puts sebum activity into overdrive in the pore. Hormonal fluctuations alongside the propensity for retention hyperkeratosis becomes a perfect recipe for breakouts.

Acne in adolescence is common for all, but typically levels off in men once they reach adulthood. Due to the ability to bear children, female adult acne is more common due to the many hormones that fluctuate throughout menstrual cylces, pregnancy & postpartum, as well as menopause. Although rare, strictly hormonal acne will typically present itself only in one area, usually the chin & jawline in the case women.

For clients who are pregnant or lactating, it is important to treat the skin very gently and get all products and modalities “okayed” by their physician. Be prepared to provide product data sheets for their review.

In the case of acne that is not strictly hormonally driven, the skin will often respond very quickly to in-clinic acne treatments and home care products alongside the appropriate dietary and lifestyle adjustments, including avoiding foods and ingredients that stimulate Androgens or inflammation.

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