My new peptide moisturizer has been a great hit with my clients. Peptides are known to strengthen the skin cell wall. I give it to my anti-aging clients and use it with my retinols to let clients acclimate slowly to stronger retinol and as well as moisturize their skin. I love this peptide becasue of the copper peptides. Here is why:



Copper Peptides
Copper peptides, GHk-Cu, is a tripeptide made up of copper and 3 amino acids.
The body produces Copper peptides naturally but produces less as we age.
Copper peptides are wound healing and a superstar at reducing inflammation.
Stimulates the skin to produce Hyaluronic Acid.
Reduces fine lines and assists in reducing acne scarring by Influencing collagen homeostasis.
Studies have shown that copper peptides have the ability to modulate type I and III collagen. Type III collagen is where the magic happens!
This copper peptide gives a 3 to 1 punch. Peptides for strength, moisture and allows the skin to produce collagen. It is a true winner.



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