• Rosacea is a chronic condition that affects the facial skin and can even affect the eyes. It is sensitive to



      extreme temperatures. Your skin will flush red in cold weather and hot weather. That flush will usually involve the cheeks and sometimes the forehead and chin. If not controlled, your skin will begin to break out in small pimples. Your skin is very fragile and sensitive and needs gentle but effective care, Gentle is the way to go with skincare. Treating it like acne will only make your rosacea worse.

      Diet is important for rosacea too. here is a list of foods that can aggravate your rosacea:
      caffeine, spicy foods, alcohol, histamine-releasing foods, sugar, starchy foods, warming spices, tomatoes, radishes, seafood – leaky gut issues.
      With my own rosacea, I find spicy foods and wine can set it off. If I stay away from these foods, my skin will stay free of breakouts and the flush ( redness ) isn’t that bad.

      If you need help with your rosacea, book an Advanced Skin Consult from the BookNow button on this page.

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