Healthy Foods

What Foods Aggravate Acne?

It might be relieving to learn that foods do not, or very rarely do CAUSE acne. For those who are genetically prone to acne however, many foods can be problematic. Eating a nutritious diet and avoiding foods, beverages & supplements that can imbalance hormones or create inflammation is helpful in clearing acne.

Potentially Problematic Foods

Foods high in iodides: table salt, prepackaged foods, restaurant foods, and salty snacks
Dairy: cow products have hormones and antibiotics in them
Sugar: some sugar is ok but eating/drinking sugar all day creates spicks in insulin, throwing your blood sugar out of wack
High Glycemic Foods: high sugar foods and drinks create a spike in insulin, which also creates other enzymes to spike
Peanut products: food cooked in peanut oil, peanut butter, candy with peanuts
Soy: if you read ingredients in foods, soy is in everything; it is an androgen, the hormone that really aggravates the skin
Whey protein powder: this is made from dairy

Staying away from these foods and ingredients will help your acne clear faster. Shopping the outside of a grocery store where fresh doods are found will help. Reduce eating out will too.

If you need help clearing acne, book an Acne Consultation today using the red BookNow button on the page. Clearing acne isn’t just a diet.