Topical Retinol Serums

In my skin care clinic, I use retinol with almost every client. The only Alpha Hydroxy Acid I use is lactic acid because it is gentle while it exfoliates and hydrates at the same time. I have never use glycolic acid on clients as most estheticians do.

Vitamin A  ( retinoids) has the ability to actually change the cell. Vitamin A is imperative and crucial for cell health. The cell cannot live without it.

 Alpha hydroxy acids are water-soluble and do not penetrate the skin. Retinoic Acid and its close derivatives are lipid-soluble and penetrate into the pore. Topical Retinoids also help to inhibit collagenase. Collagenases are enzymes that break the peptide bonds in collagen.

Vitamin A “normalizes the skin”, which I don’t think AHAs can claim.

  •  AHA’s primary job is its exfoliating capabilities and in the case of lactic acid its ability to hydrate.
    I know vitamin A can also increase our skin’s ability to make its own gags and HA, can any of the aha’s do that?
     Vitamin A is also used by every cell in our body, not just dermal and epidermal.
    Plus our cells have the ability to build up receptors, in turn allowing us to use stronger amounts of it. As well as we can consume Vitamin A orally and it will have a direct/indirect on the health of our skin.
    I believe they can via the exfoliating process, however, Retinoids are more effective due to their ability to actually communicate with the cells. AHA’s exfoliate by breaking down the desmosomes between keratinocytes, so, epidermal, while retinoids are cell proliferators bringing up cells from the basal layer more rapidly.
  • Retinoids are simply one of the best topical skin products we have in treating anti-aging and non-inflamed acne.

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