Face mask

Face Mask

Sadly, wearing a mask will aggravate your acne. Rubbing the skin in any shape or form can do this. However, there are several things you can do to stop some of the rubbing, or as I call it, Acne Mecanica.

  1. Keep your skin as clean as possible. Wash your skin before you put the mask on and immediately after removing it.
  2. Apply a thin film of vaseline over the skin before masking.
  3. Wear a clean mask every day. Wear the mask or replace it daily.
  4. Be sure to continue your acne homecare. this is not the time to stop doing that.
  5. If your skin gets sweaty under the mask, take a baggie with cotton rounds wet with your toner with you daily. Wipe your face with that toner as needed.
  6. Remember, being safe by wearing a mask is one of the best ways of stopping the spread of this virus. Your safety and health is more important right now than a few pimples.

If you need further help, please call me and I will help you through this.

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