The skin has a rhythm to it. You protect it during the day and repair it at night. The body adjusts these


rhythms naturally in response to the environment, like light, dark, and temperature. These rhythms, physical and mental, have behavioral processes, including your sleep and waking. But our modern life can interrupt these circadian rhythms and put us under constant attack. Pollution, temperature, UV light, and blue light from electronic devices can really upset our internal clocks. Studies show stem cells, which are designed to renew our skin at night, are very sensitive to pollution. Blue light shifts our circadian rhythms. This also alters our hormones that trigger sleep, cell renewal, and interrupts our detoxification and cell renewal.

This why estheticians will ask you to use certain corrective products in the morning and others at night. People who work nights can really suffer these disruptions in their sleep patterns, eating habits, and, if they suffer from Acne, their skin will need special attention to these natural rhythms. Watching too much TV and using our phones late into the night can upset our sleep and mess with these circadian rhythms. Getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water, and limiting screen time can really help your body. So turn off your devices earlier at night. Exercise like yoga, pilates going to the gym, and walking can relax you and help keep you in a good circadian rhythm. Not only will this help your body but also your skin.

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