Have you been using that supplement “Hair, Skin and Nail”?  Stop if you have acne. This will make


things go south very quickly for you. How? WHY? Listen. Acne is inherently linked (if not directly caused by) a genetic predisposition called “Hyper-Keratosis.” Keratin is the outermost layer of your skin (it’s those white flakes that come off when you scratch). “Hyper” means “excessive amount.” “Keratosis” is the term used to denote the keratin-production cycle. Put it together, acneic skin is fundamentally linked to a excessive amount of keratin already present in our skin. Those of us who are prone to acne have a genetically high abundance of this surface protein which makes it naturally more difficult for our sweet pores to remain free of clogs. We produce up to 5X more than those lucky people who never break out. People who have acne generally also possess a higher level of oil, but the hyper-keratosis is the driver when we speak on aggressive, cystic, or inflamed acne. Biotin makes this abundance shoot into massive overdrive even more, which will make any clogs become buried further into your skin, likely leading to cystic acne very quickly. Biotin is like adding gasoline to a fire, except it’s so counterintuitive that we don’t make that connection (until a few weeks later after we start to see keratosis-pilaris bumps pop up on our arms.)

Biotin increases the amount of skin protein we produce, specifically keratin. This is why it makes your hair and nails grow, as those are made of keratin. This excessive amount of keratin physically clogs the pores and mixes with your natural oil to create a sticky plug. This leads to blackheads, comedones, and visible acne. Biotin often causes cystic acne because that clog then gets further buried by the fast-growing skin around it. If you’ve ever had a cyst you know the experience of knowing that there is a clog buried under the skin that cannot even be seen. Cystic acne like this is terrible because it’s painful and is extremely hard to treat.

So, please. Take the advice from me. I’ve been treating acne for years. Biotin is NOT your friend if you have acne.

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