Makeup WipesAvoid makeup wipes. These wipes look like they make cleaning the skin easy and quick. But sadly they are not adequate for removing makeup, sweat or dirt on the skin. And all the I have checked have pore cloggers in them and not safe for acne. Here is a list of reasons why makeup skin wipes are not enough to clean your skin.


  1. Too much friction. Too much friction on the skin can over-exfoliate the skin. So, no scrubs or spinning brushed, washcloths.  Friction on inflamed cystic acne really make inflamed or noninflamed acne a lot worse.
  2. These wipes leave behind residue on the skin. They only push makeup, oil, sweat, and dirt around .This just stops the good products from getting to the skin you are trying to help.
  3. Since they do not adequately remove makeup, sweat, dirt, and oil leaves a residue on the skin clogging pores.
  4. Water and an acne-safe cleanser designed for your skin is best. Be sure to only use your hands and warm water.
  5. Fastest isn’t the way to have clean skin.

If you need help finding a good cleanser designed for your skin, book an Advanced consultation using the BookNow button on this page.

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