Robyn Prazmark, MLEUgh, it’s so complicated. I’ve had many discussions about this with a client of mine who is an MD and Biochemist. The more we talk, the more I realize how complicated it is. One can test within the “normal” testosterone range, but have abnormal androgen receptor function. AR signaling will affect sebum production and inflammation despite normal androgen ranges.  Keep in mind, what’s normal for one may be abnormal for another. The range is a generalization and one person’s AR may be more sensitive to lower levels of androgen. Studies show that spironolactone affects AR by reducing a specific type of 5 a reductase inhibitor. I mistakenly assumed its job was strictly to reduce testosterone. In addition, AR function can slow down the rate of wound healing and control inflammation. It’s so much more complicated than just a matter of hormone levels. Sebum production, chronic inflammation, and AR signaling can also be hereditary. Add a high carb diet to the mix and it’s a perfect storm. When clients tell me they think they have hormonal acne, I don’t disagree with them, because I just don’t know what their specific cause is. Instead, I redirect the conversation to the triggers and explain how the products help the pores to function properly as long as they remain consistent.

I just love being a Holistic Acne Specialist. No matter what kind of acne you call it, my program can an will work. It takes a partnership between me and my client to ensure your skin clears.

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