Unless you go to a Certified Acne Specialist, you probably have not heard about Mandelic and all its benefits for your skin. I use it religiously in my holistic Acne Clinic. It is one of those products that does so much for the skin. I use it for acne, pigment issues, folliculitis, exfoliation and as a boost to collagen. It can also help with shaving bumps too.

Why I love it

It is my first choice for acne clients in the morning skincare. Because it is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, it works so well in fighting Acne. Gently exfoliating the skin in the morning allows dead skin to life without harsh scrubs. Its lightening properties help with the red or brown mark left on the skin after a pimple is gone. I generally use 8% or 11% serum, depending on how sensitive the skin is. It also assists other ance products used in the PM like benzoyl peroxide or retinol.

DL or L Mandelic

Most if not ALL mandelic acids sold over the counter or on the internet is DL Mandelic. It is cheaper to formulate and it is half the strength and effectiveness. This is why I only use the L Mandelic. It does cost more to formulate BUT it works so much better and I want the most effective products I can offer to my clients. L Mandelic is also amazing for anti-aging. There is very little a good L Mandelic can’t do for your skin.


L-Mandelic Acid: Alpha hydroxy acid that has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties, improves the appearance of pigmentation

L-Lactic Acid: Alpha hydroxy acid that has hydrating, exfoliating, and pigment reducing properties

Sodium Hyaluronate (L): Moisturizing properties and attracts and holds water in the skin

Niacinamide: Antioxidant that supports moisture retention and improves the appearance of skin tone and texture

Holistic Acne Treatments are the best for my clients. I do not use that scary magic pill, antibiotics or spironolactone. My program is topicals, diet and mild treatments. All of the before and after pictures you see on my website are people who followed their individual home care program.


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