GuaranteeWe don’t have guarantees because there are so many factors out of our control, such as clients’ commitment to the diet, home care, genetics, lifestyle, hormonal issues, medical conditions, prescribed medications, or that rare case of acne they were just can’t clear. Some acne can sometimes be extremely resistant to our care.

All of that being said, you can clear your acne and keep it clear with no pills or dangerous drugs. My program to clear your skin involves great acne-safe homecare tailored just for your skin and your kind of acne, following the acne diet and not eating foods that “feed” your ance and specialized acne treatments like gentle peels or enzyme and extractions.

There are no guarantees in clearing acne. If you go to the doctor for your acne, they can not give you a guarantee either. If you want clear and be patient and persevere for about 3-4 months you can clear and keep clear.

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