Holistic Acne Care

Holistic Acne Care

So many clients come to me for help clearing their acne. They think all they have to do is see me, buy a few products, laugh at the acne diet and I will do the rest. Acne is a complicated skin condition. It will not clear with you just buying products and not using those products as directed. Acne will not clear with just one treatment. Acne will not clear if you cheat on the diet and eat what you want.

Home care can only do so much. One or two treatments can only do so much. Following the acne diet once and a while will only do so much. There are three parts to clearing your skin.

  1. Have treatments every 14 days so I can see how your skin is progressing, or not.
  2. Use your individual home care in the morning and at night. Don’t skip it.
  3. Follow the diet religiously. Every time you eat something you shouldn’t, you are feeding pimples!

In other words, I NEED YOUR HELP CLEARING YOUR SKIN. I can’t follow you around and watch what you are doing. You are in charge. If you want clear skin quickly, follow the protocols I set up for you. You will clear much faster that way.

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