Often people ask why do Certified Acne Specialists do treatments for acne every 14 days. That seems a lot since the estheticians down the street don’t do that. Let me explain why Acne Specialists do treatments every 14 days. Before and After Acne

  1. The estheticians down the street or around to corner are NOT TRAINED ACNE SPECIALISTS. Most do not know the real cause of acne and think all the skin needs is to peel the skin to death using glycolic or Jessner peels. These peels are very strong and harsh and over-exfoliate the skin. The acne will not clear just doing these kinds of peels.
  2. If you have ever been trained for a sport like tennis, swimming, running and weight training, you will need to change up your training often. If you continue to do the same exercises all the time, your body will adjust to that training and it will stop improving your skill. True athletes change their training up every time they workout.
  3. Since the skin is the largest organ in the body, it will also get used to the same home care and treatment and stop responding to the home care or treatment.
  4. I trained under Dr. Fulton who I consider the father of Acne. When he was developing his acne products and protocols, he observed that all of his group of acne patients’ skin slowly stopped responding to the home care after day 14. To understand why this was happening, he did another research study and found that the skin used getting used to the home care routine they were all following. He then understood home care and treatments needed to be changed around day 14 until the skin began to move toward clear.
  5. Following the day 14 rule, I have my clients come in about every 14 days. I can then see how their skin is responding to their home care, remind them of the diet they should follow and add in new home care to pus the skin to clear. I can always tell if clients are not using their products properly or following their diet.
  6. I also give them a treatment in the office. It will include mild chemical peels, enzyme treatments, high frequency, LED light and extractions as needed. These treatments are gentle but very effective and clients leave looking great and can return to their jobs or activities after their treatment. No one will even notice they have received a treatment. There is no extreme peeling either.
  7. Clients who follow this 14 rule clear much faster and will enter a maintenance program in 3-4 months.
  8. All of this is based on research and observation done by Dr. Fulton and Certified Acne Specialists.

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