I have used retinols every sense I was about 30 years old. When they first came on the market they were only available through a doctor and boy were they expensive. They were also so strong that my sensitive skin had a hard time with them. but once the patent ran out, good esthetic formulators start in making them and now even the most sensitive skin can use them. The retinol I have now is the best I have ever used. It is not that drying and penetrates the skin without irritation. I use them for anti-aging and acne with my clients. It is one of my best selling products. The skin will brighten, fine lines and wrinkles reduce, the skin texture improves and what it does for acne is AMAZING.

How exactly does a good retinol work? The prolonged use of Retinoic Acid prevents collagenase and stimulates collagen production, hence the improved benefits of long term usage. Also, when used for several months prior to summer sun exposure, the benefits of reduced collagenase and increased collagen production. Using a good physical sunscreen here is so important. Retinols can increase the risk of sun damage and negate any benefit you are receiving from the retinol.

Frequency of usage and strength is dependent on each individual’s tolerance regardless of acne, corrective aging, or preventative aging. This is why I recommend one application for the first week at night. If a client peels, I have them mix 1.1 ratio of the revival lite and a moisturizer such as a Peptide moisturizer and encourage them to work through it. Especially during the winter months. Clients are always pleasantly surprised that it’s temporary and their skin adapts.

All retinoids are not created equal. The larger the molecular chain, the less effective the product will be at stimulating Gene expression. This is why it’s important to encourage your clients to push through any dryness they may experience. Using a good moisturizer with the retinol is important. I have several to choose from and always give one of them to my clients.

Moving over to well-formulated products and make all the difference in your skin. And they really are not much more expensive than find at the department stores.

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