Why do I use stem cells with my microneedliing treatments? Here is an excellent description of what they are and how they can be used to promote skin cell repair.Stem Cells

Stem Cell Science 101! What is a Stem Cell? The simplest definition of a stem cell is a cell that can both replicate (create new versions) of itself and/or differentiate (turn into) other types of cells/tissue in the body. In regenerative medicine, these stem cells have two pathways – attaching or engrafting to a diseased/damaged cell causing it to change, or by releasing specialized messenger protein molecules (growth factors and cytokines) that travel to the nearby diseased/damaged cell and attach to a surface receptor, causing it to change its behavior. This second pathway is called paracrine signaling, or cell-to-cell communication in simpler terms. For the longest time, researchers thought the engraftment method was the main role of the stem cell, but we’ve discovered that engraftment happens only 5% of the time, and 95% of the time it’s paracrine signaling! That’s why topically, we use these powerful protein molecules that the cell releases during culture to optimize cell communication within the skin! Of all the cell sources available to harvest these profoundly therapeutic molecules from, the mighty Bone Marrow Stem Cell reigns supreme, producing a net-pattern of anti-inflammatory, regenerative, and pro-healing Growth Factors & Cytokines. This is the epitome of anti-aging! 🤓🔬Take a look at this page on my website to explain further my microneedling treatment. https://www.skincareacnetreatmentdenver.com/micro-needling-denver/

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