Since my group of amazing, talented estheticians formulate our own products we don’t consider our products “over the counter” because we don’t just sell products to anyone. We consult with new clients, evaluate what products our clients need, test those products on their skin and then we sell only those products the client needs. We are not salespeople, we are estheticians trained and experienced in doing this selection.

One of the BIGGEST pieces of misinformation in our industry. There is no such thing as “medical” or “pharmaceutical” grade skincare. That is a marketing term. A pharmaceutical is defined as something requiring a prescription, for the most part. “Medical” skincare simply means the manufacturer chose to distribute solely in that medical channel. ALL manufacturers, whether you are a retail line, OTC, spa line, “medical” line, etc., have access to the SAME ingredient raw materials. It is all about how you use those ingredients, your formulation approach, standards, etc. That is what separates you from rest. But in the eyes of the FDA, we are all the same. SkinMedica, AnteAGE, Skinceuticals, Skin Better, Eminence, La Roche Posay, and all the others…we are COSMETICS in the eyes of the FDA. But to your last question, we 100% deliver past the SC into the viable epidermis/DEJ. Not every company uses nano-structured lipid carriers. We do.

If you need help determining what your skincare products should be, use the BookNow button on this page and book an Advanced Skin Consult. I’d love to help you save money by only purchasing products you really need.

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