Why do skincare treatments cost so much?⁣⁣ There are many items that go into to cost of treatments. Skin Care TreatmentsEshticians pay rent, insurance, water, heat/air conditioning. We must purchase professional products ahead of their need, and must pay for those products before they are needed. That is called inventory. We also do not get paid vacations, or health care. We have to pay for our website and upkeep, phone, internet, and social media. Then we have to support our own personal cost of our homes, cars, food, etc. Some of us are paying off the cost of our education which is usually ongoing if you want to be the best skincare professional. Classes can be very expensive and many times, we have to travel to other cities for this education.
I don’t get offended because I understand that many people view facials as a luxury, not a necessity. Some can’t understand why an hour-long treatment is priced the way it is. The truth is, you aren’t just paying for an hour of an esthetician’s time. You are paying for much more, what I call “The Three E’s”:⁣⁣

• Education:⁣
The education (and licensing) to become an esthetician can cost thousands of dollars. Now add in the additional training to become certified in advanced treatments like chemical peels, pigment issues, microneedling, etc. Estheticians value continuing education because it means we can give you the best, most up to date treatments available.⁣⁣
• Equipment:⁣
That comfy, spa bed that you love? That LED light you blissfully fall asleep under every treatment? Those products you love because of how your skin feels after a facial? Those are not cheap. We’re talking many thousands of dollars. Some machines even cost upwards of $25,000 or more.⁣⁣
• Experience:⁣
There are a lot of skin “experts” popping up. Most of us know someone who is selling skincare products as a “side hustle”. But do they really have the experience needed to understand your skin’s needs, or more importantly, the products or ingredients that could damage your skin? The years of experience estheticians have, dealing with many different skin types and conditions, is priceless. We understand ingredients, contraindications, and skin biology. We can look at your skin and recognize conditions immediately and make the best recommendations to help you achieve healthy, radiant skin.⁣⁣
Most estheticians are in this industry because we are passionate about skin. We love your skin and we want you to as well. Facial treatments can be an important part of self-care. And self-care is crucial to the overall health of the skin.

Many estheticians also work alone, without a big business to back us up to help pay bills when clients don’t come in for booked appointments. Our return on investment is small. In my business, my costs are 60% of my profit. This is real.

If you would like to know what skincare options I offer, click on the link below. I love treating the skin. It is my passion and the best job ever.https://www.skincareacnetreatmentdenver.com/

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