Lordy, lordy. People think they don’t have to wear sunscreen in the winter. This is just not TRUE! Here Sunshinein, Colorado, we have over 300 days of sun and in the winter we have snow. This is a double whammy. We get sun from above and the reflection off the snow from below! If you are not wearing sunscreen, your skin is receiving a lot of sun damage. Science has confirmed that the sun causes 90% of all aging! Since the skin damage doesn’t show up the next day, people falsely believe there is no damage going on. People also believe with window tint in their cars protect them. NO! The UVB, UVA and UVC rays penetrate the tinted windows. Now add using a retinol or benzoyl peroxide on your skin and you now have even MORE DAMAGE. This is true, people. The only way to protect your skin from the damage is sunscreen, daily. If you are going to be outside enjoying all the great outdoor activities we have here in Colorado, the rule is to apply and reapply every two hours. Take this seriously and your skin won’t age as fast as those people who do not do this.


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