One of the newest techniques to make micro-needling treatments even more effective is needling with Stem Cell coming from qualified donors. Remember, we are not plants so plant cells are no effective. Sorry.

MicroNeedling Device

Did you know that all cells in the human body (except red blood cells and corneocytes) literally talk with one another? There’s a symphony of communication going on inside your body (and skin), and that cellular language is known as cytokines (and growth factors)! These are tiny messenger protein molecules that a cell will release, which will then travel to nearby cells to effectively “tell them what to do”. In fact, all cellular behavior is mediated by cytokine activity! When you apply these powerful molecules to your skin, they will potentiate and amplify the performance of all your other ingredients, and initiate a cascade of cellular responses. Just make sure your cytokines are coming from the best cell source possible, which research has proven to be the adult Bone Marrow Stem Cell, the only cell participating in this beautiful cellular conversation that utilizes a robust portfolio of anti-inflammatory molecules. When it comes anti-aging, or really ANY skin concern, it’s paramount that you control inflammation at all available opportunities. Acne scars, stretch marks, scar repair and anti-aging at its best!

I have found that using stem cell growth factors have reduced any inflammation and any peeling after micro-needling. This is incredible because there is no downtime, which everyone is concerned about. Click the link below and book an Advanced Skin Consultation and let’s talk about how this can help your skin.

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