When I had acne, there was no help for my skin. I took all kinds of anti-biotics for my acne for about 10 years. None of them helped. My doctors suggested the magic pill. (I can’t use that word or Goggle won’t publish this blog) since nothing the doctors had given me had worked, I refused to take that cancer drug for my skin.

Inflamed acne

Inflamed Acne

So, I became a makeup artist. I simply covered up my acne. For another 12 years, I purchased one makeup after another trying to hide my skin. Now, as an acne specialist, I understand why girls want to do this. Sadly, you are not fooling anyone. People still see your acne. Sigh.

For years I looked for a makeup that did not have pore-clogging ingredients in it. I tried the expensive stuff that SAID it was acne-safe ( think Clinique). I looked at makeup from Walmart. Nothing was safe there either. Finally, finally, a few years ago, acne-safe makeup was formulated. I carry that makeup! It is 100% non-pore clogging, it covers anything you wish to cover and, when you wash your face, it will come off. There are blushes, highlighters, and acne-concealer sticks. Nirvana!

Yet, I still have clients who simply refuse to change their makeup. They are trying to clear their skin but putting pore-clogging ingredients over their skin DAILY. Some of these makeups won’t even wash off! OMG, please stop this nonsense. I’m not trying to just sell you make-up, I am trying to clear your skin and pore-clogging makeup will only STOP the clearing in its tracks.

I was very lucky to be able to study under Dr. Fulton. He was a dermatologist in Flordia who, in his research on Acne, came up with a list of ingredients used in most makeups and skincare products that CLOG PORES. If you would like a list of these ingredients, it is free to you by clicking on the link on the side of this page. Print this list out and check your favorite makeup. You will see what I am talking about. I have recently made bookmarks of this list too. Ask for it when you come in. When you have acne, you can not continue to place pore-clogging ingredients over your skin and expect to get clear.

If you need further info on acne, book an Acne Consultation from the BookNow button at the top of this page. I am here to help you.

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