Perioral Dermatitis is a rash that usually forms around the mouth. People of all color can get this condition. this rash is most common in young and middle-aged women. Children and adolescents can also have it as well as some men. Some people think it is acne but this rash is concentrated around the mouth and the rest of the facial skin will usually be normal. The cause is not exactly known but these are some of the aggravators.

  • Strong toothpaste that lighten and brighten or have cinnamon

    Perioral Dermatitis

    Perioral Dermatitis

  • Moisturizers
  • makeup
  • kissing pets
  • kissing men with a beard
  • chemical sunscreens
  • highly acidic foods

Treatment would be removing as many fo the aggravators as possible. Then gradually add one thing in at a time. this will work most of the time. You should also use noncomedogenic products on your face. Kissing a pet is because of the animal dander and you can’t stop that. If kissing a man with a beard he should wash his beard twice a day or shave the beard.

I have cleared many people with this condition. If you need help, book an Advanced Skin Consultation from the BookNow button on this page.

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