There is something you can do to prevent aging skin. The sooner you do this, the cheaper it will be and your skin won’t suffer aging too soon.

  • Prevention will always be cheaper than repair. Treating your skin the right way in your 20’s and your skin will thank you in your 40’s +.
  • Exfoliation is king. Your skin should be gently exfoliated gently at least once a month. If you are applying professional skincare over dry flakey skin keeps that skincare for being effective. There are two way to exfoliate: chemical or physical. Chemical would be peels or certain products. Physical would be microdermabrasion. Exfoliating too much, however, is not good for the skin.
  • Retinol is Queen. This one product does so much for the skin. It is often called the Golden Lady. It helps collagen rebuild, it lightens and brighten the skin, works on fine lines and wrinkles and gently exfoliates. It is hard to say what it doesn’t do!
  • Toner is not an option. It carefully removes oil, cleanser and any makeup left on the skin. It returns the skin to its normal PH and preps the skin for your serums so they can penetrate.
  • Serums are your friend. They can be moisturizing, brightening, healing, and support healthy skin. They are concentrated and active.
  • Moisturizers. Even if your skin is oily, you need a good moisturizer to keep your skin balanced. Balance is key!
  • Sunscreen. I can’t believe people don’t think they need this. The sun prevents 90% of all aging! that is no joke. Even if you live under a rock, wear a good sunscreen. If you don’t your skin will look 20 years older by the time you are 40.
  • Topical Vitamin C. This is another product that is placed on the skin under your sunscreen to protect against free radical (cellular damage). It also lightens pigmentation.
  • Consistency is the key. You can’t use a product once, have a treatment once and then just stop. You can’t go to the gym once and say you are fir. You can’t go on a diet and say you are healthy. If you want great skin, you must continue to use products and do treatment that got you there.
  • Choose a good esthetician to advise you on what product you really need. Going to a beauty counter just puts your skin in the hands of a salesperson whose only goal is to sell, sell, sell.

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