AcneAcne is caused by too many skin cells clogging the pores. This is the real cause of acne. By have dry flakey skin and not adding proper moisture to the skin just adds more dead skin in the pores. As an acne specialist for over 10 years, I always add proper moisturizers to home care. Drinking plenty of water and feeding your skin with proper nutrition will help also.

 Adding moisture actually does prevent clogged pores. Even in an acne skin (hyperkeratosis) adding hydration not only calms inflammation, but it contributes to the fluidity of sebum allowing it to flow more easily which in turn helps to move stuck skin cells out. Also in a dry skin adding hydration keeps the skin plumped up and pliable vs being dehydrated and tight, holding on to cells in a tight dry pore. I always think of dehydrated skin like a dried up sponge, all hard and tight. Add water and Voila! Plump juicy skin that lets go of skin cells and clogs. Also, water is the fuel for all the working enzymes in the skin. Not drinking enough water and the enzymes stop working so cells back up, waste isn’t removed from the skin or the body.

In my holistic treatment of acne, I can help you balance your skincare without drying the skin and I help you adjust your diet and water intake so your skin balances itself and clears. My home care is safe and nondrying. It helps remove inflammation and clogged pores.

If you need help clearing your acne, book an Acne Consultation from the BookNow button on this page. Why are you waiting?

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