I am asked all the time for just one treatment. ” I just want to try it.” I always say that you are wasting your time, your

Good Skin Care Works

skin and your money. Let me explain. Can you walk a mile once and say you are fit? Can you watch your diet once and lose weight? Can you take one tennis, golf or ski lesson and become good at it? You know the answer. It is no. Your skin is the largest organ of your body. It needs care. Your skin may be great in your 20’s. You don’t wash your face, use good skin care or sunscreen and it looks good. But, at some point, your skin cannot continue to repair itself as it once did. It may become dry, flaky, sensitive and pigmentation appears. Fine lines and wrinkles appear with skin damage. Now you are in “repair mode”. Repairing the skin is twice as expensive as caring for your skin. Once collagen begins to break down ( about the age of 30) you now have to repair the damage that has been done.

Proper skin care can prevent and slow down the aging process of the skin. Regular facials, proper home care, and a healthy diet can prevent a lot of skin aging. Estheticians are trained to help you slow the aging of the skin. Just like your car, with proper care and prevention, you can keep your cars running well. Your skin is the same. That’s why one oil change won’t keep your car running well. One tennis or skiing lesson won’t teach you that sport. Therefore, one skin treatment or product can prevent your skin from damage.

All of these reasons are why I say one treatment, one product will not help your skin. Commit to good skin care will prevent a lot of the damage you may be doing to your skin right now.

Book an Advanced Skin Consultation from the BookNow button today. Let me help prevent the aging of your skin. Prevention cost much less than repair.

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