The good news about inflamed acne, it can clear faster than non-inflamed. It is closer to the surface and product can reach it faster.

This is a classic example of inflamed acne. I showed the other day what non-inflamed acne looks like so I wanted to show the opposite.

Inflamed Acne

Inflamed acne has a lot of inflammation (hence the name) and what makes that happen is the p acnes bacteria (now considered c acnes) trapped inside the pore. That bacteria feeds off the excess oil and dead skin that are sealed off inside that closed pore causing the redness, heat, and puss.

What should you do if you have inflamed acne? Ice will be your best friend, use it twice daily. Clients usually say they put a hot cloth on it to bring it out. What we really want to do is calm it down. Heat will only make it angrier.
Next, you need our acne gel. Benzoyl peroxide not only kills the p acnes bacteria, but it also peels the lining of the pore and mops up excess oil which makes extractions much easier for us!
Use your products all over your face to prevent breakouts from ever starting in every pore instead of just treating the ones you can already see. The great news is that inflamed acne responds the fastest to products!! As an Acne specialist, I don’t use any drugs to clear skin. they are not necessary at all.

Lastly, be patient. Be persistent. Do not give up! There is NO ONE treatment or ONE PRODUCT that will clear inflamed acne. Most people can clear in about 90 days! I  love treating this kind of acne. 

If you need help clearing your acne, go to the BookNow button on this page and book an acne consultation. Start your journey to clear skin now.

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