When a new Acne Client comes in your their consultation I always expect they want their skin

Skin of Color

100% clear. I know I can get them to 100% clear but sometimes clients are ok with just better. I try to accept that expectation but it does disappoint me when I know 100% clear is possible for Acne Clients.

How clear do you want to be? Ultimately it’s up to you how clear you want to be. This means are you willing to change your eating habits? Are you willing to come in for treatments on the recommended schedule? Are you using your products as directed? Are you wearing makeup that is acne safe? Are you getting enough sleep? Managing stress? So many things play into having clear skin or not. I totally understand and I am empathetic when clients come through the door struggling themselves. However, with that said I can’t want you to have clear skin more than you do. I can give you the tools and knowledge but in the end, it is up to you with how you choose to use it or not. I know for me, I need to clean up my diet, remember to reduce my stress and not take on other people’s energy. What I am saying here is clear skin is 100% possible. If you want that, I can get you there but it takes your help in following your home care guideline, manage your diet and stress, and show up for scheduled appointments. Acne Specialists are educated and trained to get your acne to the best it can be. Let me help you.