Too many times people searching for help with their skin place PRICE over value. They believe the cheaper products or treatments are just Wasting Moneythe same as the more expensive options. So they go to cheaper skincare providers and expect the results they would get from a more expensive option. Most to the time these cheaper options don’t work out well. The money, time and skin are wasted. The internet drives some of this by promoting products not formulated properly vs products specialized you help their personal skin issues. Celebrities are paid to push skincare with their name on it or other brands all for money. Everyone wants to save their money and want results. This is price over value.

What is value over price? This is when clients carefully check reviews and before and after pictures before believing everything they read. Take, for example, myself. Here is the value I offer to all my clients, both for skin conditions and anti-aging.

!) EDUCATION  I have studied skincare for years. I have taken so many classes to train myself to be the best. These classes have cost me thousands of dollars. I don’t even know how much now. Training is not cheap. Many times I have had to travel outside Colorado to be educated and trained. I have spent years doing this. I will continue to do so because I love caring for skin.

2) TRAINING  I have been trained on all the equipment I have. I didn’t just buy it and then go online to see who can help me use it properly. The last thing I want to do is cause damage that I have seen other estheticians cause because they didn’t want to spend the time and money to get trained.

3) PRODUCT  I have searched and searched to give my clients the best products. I work with a small group of other estheticians and we formulate our products to do exactly what we say they will do effectively. This has taken more hours and money than I care to think about. Yet, in the end, my group and I have developed some truly amazing skincare you can’t get anywhere else. None of these products cost more than you find in the over the counter choices when you consider they are chosen just for you and your skin. Over the counter is just chosen for everyone to sell to everyone. this doesn’t provide for your skin actually needs.

PRICE OVER VALUE is not always the way when you are working on acne, rosacea or anti-aging.

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