Boy. We are all guilty of this one. Girls love our skin care. All the samples we receive with a purchase and all the impulse buys we make from magazine ads and they end up just sitting there, not used. Open your drawers and cabinet and place all these products out on the counter. If you can’t remember when is the last time you used that poduct…throw it out. It probably old and either lost its efficacy or gone off. Either way, please don’t use it again. It could cause a bad reaction on your skin and you certainly don’t need that.

I just cleaned out a cabinet under my sink when I opened it looking for something and couldn’t believe what was in there. As an Esthetician, I am given all kinds of samples and there they were. I bet some of them were over two years old. I left my emotional attachment to products at the door and cleaned them all out. You can do it too.

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