“Do I have to use my acne products forever?” I get asked this question all the time when

SCBR Products

clients skin has cleared and they are now in maintenance. The simple answer is yes! Most of you have used every kind of over the counter products and prescription products out there. You have to use some good skin care, so why no use the products that helped clear your skin? Another way to look at it is if you train for a sport like tennis or basketball and you got so much better training that way, why not continue that training? If you take pilates or yoga and you increased your strength and flexibility, are you going to stop those practices after you have gotten good at it? If your diet helps you lose weight and lower your blood pressure or A1C, are you going to stop? I sure HOPE not.

Remember. There is no cure for acne. There is no way of knowing when the acne gene will turn off so continuing your acne care will keep your skin clear.

You have worked hard to clear your acne. You are now clear. Why not keep your skin clear with the skin products that got you clear. These products also are GREAT for antiaging. Everyone wants that. So, stay on your acne program. Keep your skin clear and healthy and looking GREAT.

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