Skin Care by Robyn

Lordy, I want a dollar for all the times I hear ” I purchased every one of the products in the magazines and TV ads to clear my acne”. I know. I did it too when I had acne for 22 years. I just want my money back! Most clients come in having tried every prescription and pill that a doctor gives them and they still end up with me. Let me ask you if all of these products actually worked, why do I have a very successful business as an Acne Specialist?

I must be asked at least once a day about all the TV infomercial acne systems and all of their copycats. What I respond with is, “Well, it’s a nice start.” There is good science behind these popular “acne control systems,” but how can one method possibly work on the multitudes of unique skin types and conditions? How can a one size fits all work for you? How can the same products work month after month when we know the skin adjusts to the same products in about 14 days? How can pore clogging ingredients in these products clear your skin?

If your skin didn’t get too irritated with the products, it may have actually worked for you…. for a while. As we mentioned in our first article to you, do you notice how an “acne system” can work for a while and then it doesn’t? We hear this all the time. This is the thing: skin has a way of adapting to a regimen. Once this happens, it will stop responding to your acne-fighting products.

At Skin Care by Robyn, I have developed a system where we adjust your skincare routine every two weeks so that your products do not stop working and continue to keep you clear.

An “acne control system” vending machine can’t analyze your skin and see how it’s responding to treatment. Are you dry and irritated? Are you making progress? It hands out the same cookie-cutter routine for everyone, from the teenager next door to your Aunt Nancy. How can the same products work for such different types of skin?

We believe in a customized approach to acne management for your unique condition. As there are different types of acne, there are different ingredients and potencies to treat each one.

As an Acne Specialist, I am here to guide you, so you can have:

1. The best products for your type of acne


2. The best level of potency while keeping your skin balanced, healthy, and happy.

When you are ready to stop “guessing” what’s going to work to get rid of your acne, I am here and ready for you.

Book an Acne Consultation from the BookNow Button at the top of the page. Let me help decide what your individual acne protocol is best for you.

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