Skins of Color

I have actually had calls from people who ask me if I work on clients who have darker skin tones. I was floored by that question the first time it was asked. I lived almost all my life in Virginia where there were 60% black skinned people. I treated them as successfully as the white skin people I treated. When I moved to Colorado 9 wonderful years ago, there are not as many blacks here but there are many more Asians, Muslims, Pakistani and other darker skinned people. I have treated them all, very successfully.

There are some differences in skin of different ethnic backgrounds, such as skin thickness and the amount of melanin (brown pigment colour), but that does not affect the skincare products you need. When it comes to issues such as dry skin, clogged pores, acne, signs of ageing, sun damage, uneven skin tone, oily skin, sensitive skin, rosacea, and so on, the same types of ingredients are needed. Skin colour matters only when it comes to specific cosmetic corrective procedures performed by doctors, nurses, medical estheticians and estheticians. When it comes to skincare, the same ingredients work for the same skin concerns for everyone. Carefully selected washes, moisturizers, peptides, retinols and sunscreen are necessary for all skin.

Also, don’t think that just because you have naturally darker skin color you are protected from what the sun does to your skin. Unprotected sun exposure causes skin ageing and skin cancer, regardless of skin colour. These serious skin concerns may take longer to show up if you have darker skin, but the damage is still happening every minute of the day. Sunscreen is vital 365 days a year regardless of your skin color.

If you need help with your skin, I certainly can help you. No matter what your skin color. You can book a consultation form my BookNow button on the page and we can talk about your needs. Everyone, no matter their color, deserves good skin.

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