A Magic Wand

I know you have heard the old adage “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. Every acne sufferer wants this. They want to believe that this is a real possibility. This has come even more believed in the world where everything is instant. There is no possible way you acne can clear overnight or in a few days. One pimple takes approximately 30-90 days to form. What you see on your face started to form months ago. Nothing on your skin will help this in just a day or a few days. With the Acne program I have, you can expect your acne to clear in approximately 3-4 months.

Remember, this program is designed to clear all acne on the surface, as well as prevent any new acne from forming and coming to the surface. You must be using home care designed to reach down into the skin, loosen the clogs of dead skin and bring it to the surface so it can clear. We work to speed up the skin, stop “feeding acne” (diet) and prevent anything new from forming. Patience and persistence win the day! It is just like learning a new sport or anything new…you just keep working it and it will work.

This is a holistic program using gentle but very effective home care. There are a few diet changes that can easily be followed as well as a series of effective office treatments that are designed to soften up the skin and get all the acne under the skin up and out. Put all three of these steps together and you can get clear skin. Once the skin is clear, you enter a maintenance program to keep your skin clear. Please know, at this time, there is no CURE for acne. Acne is genetic and until we have gene therapy, we just have to wait it out. It took 22 years for my acne to “stop”. No one wants to go through that. Now, this kind of Acne Care, no one has to suffer like that.

Also, please don’t believe all the false information on the internet from uninformed websites trying to sell you “instant” relief to doctors that give you pills that don’t work or other skin care providers that are not trained Acne Specialists. You will waste your money, time and skin doing this. There is nothing over the counter from any store anywhere that gives you clear skin.

If you are ready to get you acne gone for good, book an Acne Consultation from the BookNow button at the top of this page. I can help you navigate your way to clear skin.

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