As an Acne Specialist, and I identify and treat three forms of Acne: Inflamed, Non-inflamed and Combination. Let me explain the differences.


Inflamed Acne

This Acne is actually the easiest to treat. The pimples are close to the surface and respond to proper treatment fairly quickly. The pimples are red, swollen and often have pus coming to the surface. Inflamed acne often brings scarring, especially when people try to pop these pimples. Don’t pop, ice them instead.




The Acne feels like sandpaper under the skin. The pores that are open to the air will turn black   (blackheads) when exposed to oxygen in the air. The closed pores found here will present as small bumps under the skin. They are closed at the air and these will feel very rough or like sandpaper. This kind of acne is very hard to treat and will take longer than inflamed acne. It is much deeper in the skin and will need really good home care and treatment to get it to move up and out.

Combination Acne

Combination Acne

Combination Acne is where you see inflamed and non-inflamed acne. This can be treated as well. I always work to clear the inflamed acne first. It is faster and easier to clear. Then I treat the non-inflamed. The reason you have to do this is that these two different forms of acne are treated differently.



No matter what kind of acne you have it can be treated, cleared and kept clear. There is no CURE for acne but it can be cleared and kept clear by good maintenance. No matter what kind of acne you have, no matter how severe, I can help you achieve the clear skin you deserve. I treat acne holistticly.

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