Blackheads. Do you have them? A lot of people do have them. Some people have more than other people. Blackheads are a form of non-inflamed acne. So what are they and why oh why are they there?

Blackheads are NOT DIRT ON THE SKIN. Scrubbing them away with harsh, grainy cleansers won’t get rid of them. Wiping them away with astringents like witch hazel won’t work either. All of the self-help remedies will only dry out the skin so that the skin produces MORE oil or sebum. The skin tries to maintain a certain amount of oil in the skin. If you are scrubbing away the sebum from the skin, more and more oil is produced. It is a losing battle.

So what are blackheads? Simply put, blackheads are skin pores that are open to the air and the trapped sebum inside the pore turns black when the air hits it. Therefore they are called “blackheads”. Scrubbing or wiping them won’t stop the pores clogging with trapped sebum or oil.

To clear blackheads, it will be necessary to speed up the skin so it doesn’t clog. Skincare products that are formulated for acne are very important. Now you should stop eating foods that “feed the acne”. Professional treatments by an acne specialist soften up the skin or that these blackheads can be released from the skin. Acne specialist, like myself, are trained to help you clear your acne. There is nothing over the counter that can do all this for you. You need professional help.

Get the help you need. Stop playing around by yourself, wasting your skin, your time and your money.

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